Hack+snack is a weekly event at Virginia Tech hosted by the Crowd Lab, the Center for HCI, and ICAT. Dr. Luther launched the hack+snack in early 2015, and it’s been running ever since. Come hack and snack with us!

Please contact the Hack+snack Student Coordinator, Melanie Trammell, with any questions.


The idea behind hack+snack is to foster community and productivity among members of the HCI (human-computer interaction) community at Virginia Tech. Everyone is busy, so this event is not intended to compete with other calendar obligations. Instead, it’s an environment and an excuse to do work you already planned to do.

Since HCI is interdisciplinary, we’re scattered across different departments and buildings on campus. This event brings us together physically and regularly to get things done and enjoy informal socializing.


Every Friday, starting at 2pm, we gather in the Learning Studio of the beautiful Moss Arts Center. Anyone interested in HCI — students, faculty, staff, and friends — is welcome. For the first couple hours, we “hack,” a loose term for any type of focused work: programming, writing, designing, analyzing data, etc. We recommend picking a concrete task that you can start and finish while you’re there.

Faculty and TAs also use the hack+snack as a place to hold their office hours. It’s often faster and more convenient for students to get answers when so much diverse HCI knowledge is co-located around them. The room has whiteboards, reconfigurable furniture, wifi, and lots of outlets.

After the hack winds down around 4-5pm, we move on to the “snack” portion of the event. We’ll head over to a nearby restaurant — often the Blacksburg Taphouse, walking distance from Moss Arts — for a happy hour, with free appetizers courtesy of CHCI. Grab a drink or stay for dinner.

Schedule & Events

Unless noted below, hack+snack is every Friday starting at 2pm in the Learning Studio of Moss Arts Center.

Fall 2018

  • 10/26/18 – 2:30 -3:30 pm – HCI Spring 2019 Information Session. Come here professors talk about their undergrad HCI classes they will teach this spring, along with presentations of student projects from them! Notes can be found here.
  • 9/7/18 – 4-5pm – CHCI Fall Kick-Off. Snacks and socializing at 4pm, with the meeting portion starting at 4:30pm and going til 5.


  • 4/13/18 -3:00pm – CS faculty will answer questions about undergraduate HCI courses they are teaching in Fall 2019. Notes from the presentations can be found in Info Session II Notes
  • 2/2/18 – Spring Human Center Design (HCD) Symposium 1:30 – 5 pm- students in the HCD program give 15 minute presentations on their work thus far, with feedback and general discussion on where the HCD program is going
  • 1/19/18 – Hack N Snack room is partitioned to stream ‘Audio and Architecture: Unfolding Sound with SpaceMap’ webinar by Steve Elliston from 2 – 3 PM
  • 1/19/18 – First Hack N Snack of the Spring 2018 semester
  • 12/15/17 – no formal Hack N Snack
  • 10/20/17 – 3:30pm – CS faculty will answer questions about undergraduate HCI courses they are teaching in Spring 2018. Notes from the presentations can be found in Info Session Notes.
  • 9/22/17 – CS faculty meeting
  • 9/15/17 – Moved to Media Building for Creativity & Innovation SGA meet-and-greet
  • 9/1/17 – CHCI fall kick-off