Feel free to reach out to us:

Email: Dr. Kurt Luther, Lab Director

Twitter: @kurtluther


In Person

Virginia Tech Research Center-Arlington

The Crowd Lab is geographically distributed across two locations in Virginia:

  • The Virginia Tech Research Center (900 N Glebe Rd) at VT’s National Capital Region campus in Arlington, VA; and
  • The KnowledgeWorks II building (2202 Kraft Dr) at VT’s main campus in Blacksburg, VA.

Please contact us ahead of time to arrange a tour or meeting.

Joining the Lab

We are especially interested in students with the following skill sets: web development, visual design/graphic design, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and domain knowledge of national security, history, and/or journalism.

If you are a current Virginia Tech graduate or undergraduate student interested in working in the lab, we often have positions available for volunteering, course credit, hourly pay, and¬†assistantships. The best time to inquire about these is several weeks before each semester starts. We also have summer internship positions available through the NSF’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Please contact Dr. Luther regarding the availability of student positions, and provide a copy of your resume and describe your interests in the Crowd Lab.

If you are a prospective student or a student from another university, please contact Dr. Luther to discuss possibilities. Include a copy of your resume and describe your interests in the Crowd Lab.